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Kate Paterson | Chief Operations Officer at Hub TV

Lindsay has been an amazing coach, helping me thrive through a variety of challenging situations, meet imposter syndrome head on and walk un-phased into high-level business environments with ease and an empowered perspective. My own self-awareness and values have been enhanced throughout the sessions to take me forward as a business leader and nurturer of our future female business leaders.

Jackie Thorogood | Sales & Marketing Director, STL Group Ltd

Lindsay has gained respect from all of our staff, from senior management and right through the organisation, by her calm, friendly, inspirational approach. Lindsay really listened to what we needed and delivered consistent messages and learning throughout each team.

She is a truly expert coach and knowledgeable trainer, able to get the best from a team and really get individuals thinking as to how they will achieve both their own personal goals as well as STL’s.  We enjoyed all the practical exercises and participative sessions. No death by PowerPoint in Lindsay’s sessions!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lindsay to other companies or individuals.

Claire Castle | HR Consultant

Lindsay has an amazing ability to create a relaxed but stimulating learning environment which allows people to absorb information and reflect on their own situation so that learning becomes highly relevant to them.

She is engaging, positive, encouraging and well informed. We have really enjoyed working with her and all of our leaders have benefited from both team sessions and individual coaching sessions. They have been able to transfer their learning to their working environment.

Isabel Odlin | Chief People Officer, Hub TV

I have had the pleasure of working with Lindsay both as a coach for individuals within the team and personally. 

Working with individuals within the team, Lindsay really takes the time to understand what all parties are looking to get out of coaching and revisits this to ensure that it is achieved, often with many, many additional insights, which genuinely help the individual along the way.

One of Lindsay’s wonderful assets is that she is able to work with different kinds of people whatever their role, level or challenge through her open, flexible and professional approach.

Having been lucky enough to have Lindsay as my coach, I can honestly say that she is the best I have ever worked with. I continue to use a lot of what came out of my sessions on an ongoing basis and some of the breakthrough moments really made a big difference in my life.

I really cannot recommend Lindsay enough.

Paul Brivio | Managing Director, Solid Air Coaching and Consultancy

Lindsay is a powerful coach- totally there for her Client. Lindsay combines due care, incredible perception and piercing challenge to help support her Clients to move forward and address the issues and choices we all face in life.

Having Lindsay as your coach is a game changer. She is a real gift and makes a crucial difference.

Martha Provan | Regional Manager, Explore Learning

I really was rather unsure exactly what to expect, but the coaching experience Lindsay provided me with turned out to be exactly what I needed.  She provided a private, nurturing, yet challenging forum for me to approach the way I was feeling and the emotions I was experiencing about returning to work.

I felt empowered to return with a new attitude, a fresh approach and a confidence I had wanted to experience but had not been able to before.

Lindsay’s professional and warm approach allowed me to relax and gain to the most possible from each session. I am so grateful!

Anonymous | Financial Services

This was the first time I had a coach but believe Lindsay is a fantastic one. She is very sensitive, friendly and skilled. She showed the knowledge and perspicacity necessary to help me achieve my objectives and made a strong effort to find out what were areas I needed to work on both at work and outside work. I have overcome some fears that had gripped me for many years and am now more assertive than I used to be. I feel more at ease with people I do not know well, and find it easier to let stuff go. More importantly, I have become more confident in my own abilities. In summary, it has been a very pleasant and rewarding experience.

Candidate For Local Council Election 2018

I approached Lindsay in the summer of 2017 for some public speaking support. I had just embarked on a journey to become an approved political candidate in the 2018 local elections. During our sessions we worked through some entrenched beliefs I held concerning my ability and explored ways to manage this in order that I could maintain my focus, energy and attention. Lindsay worked in a very experiential way, which enabled me to really connect with what I was feeling. And I walked away with tools that can be applied to multiple aspects of my life, which I found most helpful.

Working with Lindsay has fundamentally shifted my perception of and relationship with public speaking. I thank Lindsay for her continued support.