Here are some of the ways in which I can help:


Move from
autopilot to




Rise through
the ranks
of leadership

Enhance the potential of your existing talent

Coaching creates awareness and enables people to move into action in a conscious and intentional way. Executive coaching is a one-to-one service that addresses individual needs and accelerates shifts in performance.

I build authentic relationships with my clients, work to cut through the clutter and get to the heart of what matters, providing structures and tools to enable the change they are seeking.

How it works

Executive coaching

Lindsay has been an amazing coach, helping me thrive through a variety of challenging situations, meet imposter syndrome head on and walk un-phased into high level business environments with ease and an empowered perspective

Kate Patterson
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, Hub TV

She expertly steered my thinking to realise how much of an inner self critic I had. I have levelled up professionally and personally

Emma Rudd
Director of People, disguise

I understand better now what my stress triggers are and how I can manage those

Nesha Vagha
Head of FP&A, disguise

Without realising it, you’re led to a place of accomplishment, peace and confidence with a key focus on always looking forward and not back

Sagar Shah
Global Digital Marketing Director, Collinson Group

Maternity coaching

The transitions in and out of the workplace both in physical presence terms and perhaps more importantly identity terms are critical points in the maternity leave process. If mishandled, particularly the return, there is a risk of losing key female talent and creating unnecessary cost to the organisation.

I work with clients before, during and after the maternity leave window, providing tailor-made solutions to meet individual needs.

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The Process


Work closely with the client
and line manager/sponsor to
explore the need.


Establish a clear purpose
and set of outcomes
alongside measures of success
and clarification of
relationship boundaries.


Work one-to-one with the
client on the agreed content
over a series of sessions.

As with ICF standards of ethical conduct, strict levels of confidence will be maintained and clear agreements will be made between coach, client and sponsor about how coaching information will be exchanged.

Treat people as if they are where they ought to be and help them to become what they are capable of being


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