Business people in meeting

CFO to CEO “What happens if we invest in our people and they leave us?”
CEO “What happens if we don’t and they stay?”

Peter Baeklund


Maximise The Capability of Your Workforce To Deliver Operational Excellence

As a provider, I bring a unique insight from the organisations perspective having been Head of Learning & Development for Starbucks and Fitness First. I therefore understand the importance of ensuring that any training solution is in some way measurable, and that it has a positive impact on employee performance, engagement, retention and bottom line.

Core areas of expertise include:

  • Developing your leadership capability
  • Improving your team synergy
  • Growing your management toolkit
  • Preparing your high potential players to meet the performance needs of tomorrows world

Whatever the need, I will work with you to create a dynamic solution that bridges the gap.

And passionate about experiential adult learning and discovery rather than teaching, I use tools such as accelerated learning and facilitation skills to bring about the change an organization is seeking.